Things to remember during a divorce

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There are many things to think about while going through a divorce in California. During this highly emotional and confusing life event, it’s easy for people to forget things. Unfortunately, many things that are overlooked during a divorce can come back to haunt a person later on. By creating a divorce checklist, a divorcing person may have an easier financial transition to single life
One of the things that many people forget to do during a divorce is account for their debts. While spouses are arguing over the division of assets, they may forget whose name is on the credit card bill. A spouse may be able to avoid a surprise call from a collection agent months after a divorce by taking a look at their credit report. Divorcing spouses should also remember to update estate planning documents and change beneficiaries on financial accounts.
Married couples often know each other’s Internet passwords or at least have a pretty good idea of what they are. As soon as a divorce is in motion, a spouse should remember to create a new email account and change all of their online passwords. To prevent an ex-spouse from snooping, it may also be important to update the post office about an address change.
Working with a family law attorney may be a good way for a divorcing spouse to ensure that important items are not overlooked during the divorce process. After a financial settlement is reached and a child custody agreement is worked out, an attorney may help a client to enforce the divorce order if their ex-spouse is not complying with its terms.