How is Child Support Calculated in Carlsbad and North County?

Pierre Domercq Child Support

California family law provides very specific guidelines and a complex formula for the calculation of child support. North County and Carlsbad divorce cases require these calculations to be completed to the letter of the law.
From that point forward, deviations can be negotiated based on numerous factors including the incomes of both parents, the ages and needs of the children, as well as the amount of time each parent will spend with the child after the divorce – known as parenting time or visitation.
The courts are always interested in the best interests of the children. You must be prepared to justify modifications of “guideline support” to the Judge or Magistrate. Reasonable requests are often based upon additional factors such as the results of a mediation or the provision of offsetting assets (such as stocks or a trust account) in place of the child support.
It may also be possible to create a “family support” plan (encompassing both spousal support and child support) that considers the impact of taxation to ensure both parties receive the maximum benefit.
Education may also have an impact on the amount of child support ordered in your case. What type of education were the children receiving prior to the divorce? If private schools or special needs education has been a part of the children’s lifestyle the court may very well take this into consideration when issuing child support orders or approving a request to deviate from California’s guideline calculations.
The other primary issue is the time frame for support. When will child support end? What event(s) trigger changes or an end to child support? What changes must occur for a judge to consider modification of the child support orders in the future?
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