How to decide where to live after a divorce

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There are several things California couples who are getting a divorce need to take into account when they consider where they will live. They need to think about how convenient the place is to their work and what their children’s needs will be. They should also think about what size home they will need.
Cost is also a consideration. A person may need to qualify for a new mortgage on a single income. The person will also need to be able to afford upkeep, taxes and other expenses associated with owning the home. Keeping the home can provide stability for a person and for children after a divorce, but if a person cannot afford it, buying or renting a new home might be an alternative.
Costs associated with buying a new home can be high as well even if the home is smaller, and a person still has to qualify for a mortgage. Another option might be to rent for a few years. This may be a particularly good option if a person has children who have a few years of school left because they can remain in an area where the parent might not be able to afford to buy a new home. Renting may also be a good option because it gives a person a respite from having to make any major decisions.
The home may be only one of a number of items that are considered community property and that need to be divided in a divorce. During property division, people can negotiate agreements in which one person takes some assets and the other person takes other assets of equal value. They should be sure that when they do this, they understand how liquid the assets are.