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Establishing and documenting the biological father of a child may be an important step for everyone involved. As a mother, you may want to hold the father accountable to his obligation to pay child support and have other important goals driven by the welfare of your son or daughter. As a man, you may want a definitive answer as to whether you fathered a child and to exercise your right to a parental relationship.

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At Burke & Domercq, LLP, we maintain a balanced, comprehensive California family law practice. Our experienced Carlsbad paternity lawyers will advise you on your legal rights and options through every phase of your case, from DNA testing procedures through resolution of issues such as:

We know that contested issues in a paternity matter are sometimes even more emotionally loaded and complex than those in a divorce. You can depend on us to hear you out on your unique concerns. We will provide practical, informed advice on whether a custody action is likely to succeed, for example, or the best action to take if you have concerns involving domestic violence or substance abuse.

Not every paternity case is adversarial. In some situations, couples who remain in a relationship simply recognize the importance of establishing paternity for their child's best interests. Our attorneys can advise you as a couple on issues such as these as well.

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For legal guidance you can trust as a man or woman who wants the best for your child and rigorous advocacy for your parental rights, we encourage you to contact our firm. We will be upfront about the costs of our services and honest in helping you set expectations.