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Paul Walker’s mother seeks custody of granddaughter

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2014 | Child Custody and Visitation

While some of our San Diego readers might not realize it, child custody disputes can arise because of a number of issues. While most people think of situations of divorce, a person can request custody of a child for other reasons as well. Paul Walker’s mother has highlighted this point recently by seeking custody of her 15-year-old granddaughter. She has done so because of the biological mother’s problems with alcohol, reports say.
The sudden loss of the 40-year-old actor in a one-vehicle accident transferred custody of the girl to her biological mother. But Walker’s mother and father believe that she is unable to care for the teenager, citing alcoholism as the reason for their filing in Los Angeles Superior Court for guardianship of their granddaughter. Whether these claims are true or not will be up to a judge to decide at a later date, though that timeframe is unknown.
Because California law has no preference when it comes to the age of the person seeking child custody, it’s likely that a judge will not dismiss the case simply because they are grandparents. It’s worth noting though that the judge will base his or her decision on what is best for the child. Because the 15-year-old stands to inherit a reported $16 million from her father’s estate, it will be important to appoint a guardian that can not only provide her with appropriate care but can help her manage these funds as well.
As we stated above, this case showcases another situation in which child custody may be sought. But just like in cases of divorce, situations like this may also require the help of a skilled lawyer as well. This is something we hope our San Diego readers keep in mind just in case they find themselves in a similar situation.
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