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Balancing Issues of Paternity in Carlsbad and North County

On Behalf of | May 10, 2019 | Paternity

Do you need help balancing issues of paternity in Carlsbad and North County San Diego?  Paternity is one of the many aspects of family law that require the advice of a seasoned and proven lawyer.

Paternity issues can be emotional and challenging for both unmarried parents before and after the arrival of a child.  The mother may be concerned with the costs of supporting the child and the welfare of the new baby.  Fathers may simply wish to seek legal acknowledgement of their status as the father of a child in order to seek custody and visitation rights, and to take an active role in raising the child.

From the child’s perspective, paternity can have a profound effect on their physical, emotional and financial well-being as well as their short and long-term health.  There is the obvious emotional benefit to a child when they have certainty as to the identity of both father and mother.

Balancing issues of paternity in Carlsbad and North County requires consideration of a broad group of perspectives, from fatherhood to child support to the legal right to participate in a child’s daily life.  Paternity establishes important legal rights for a child including access to family health records and personal information about the father, as well as the right to inherit.  Paternity provides legal standing for a lawsuit compensating the child for losses incurred if the father is injured or is lost in a wrongful death.  When paternity is legally established, a child is also eligible for government based assistance and benefits in the event of a father’s incapacitation or death.

In some cases, the relationship between the parties is warm and cooperative and we can simply guide them through the process of legally affirming the father’s bond with his child.  DNA testing involving a swab inside the cheek is painless for all parties.  Once paternity is established, the Court can be asked for orders relating to custody, visitation and support.

In other more contested cases, a mother may wish to move out of the area or out of state to be closer to family and friends who can provide additional support for the child.  What impact will this have on the father, the child’s grandparents and his immediate and extended family?

The experienced Carlsbad family law attorneys at Burke & Domercq serve clients across Carlsbad who value the expertise and insight that results from decades of service in our local Family Law Court.   Some fathers may not wish to pay child support, while others want to make sure their rights as a father are legally established and protected.

Balancing issues of paternity in Carlsbad and North County can be quite complex.  We invite you to contact us or call 760-389-3927 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced paternity and family law attorneys.  We can provide informed counsel and help to protect and accomplish your goals based upon the unique circumstances in your case.