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Cost Effective Strategies for a Carlsbad Divorce

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Divorce

What are some cost effective strategies for a Carlsbad divorce?  Many Californians attempt to file their own divorce, but more than half of these wind up hiring an attorney to complete the process.  There are simply too many details to resolve, and every aspect of the settlement agreement, parenting plan, support payments and distribution of retirement accounts must be accurate and legally enforceable.

Ultimately, many people find (after wasting hours and hours of their own time and months in the process) it is simply much too difficult and time consuming to do on your own.  What is the alternative and what are some cost effective strategies for a Carlsbad divorce?

The myth that lawyers drive up the cost of a divorce is simply untrue.  The cost of a divorce is directly related to the level of disagreement between the parties on all aspects of the divorce.
Therefore, the fastest and least expensive Carlsbad divorce happens when both parties are in agreement on most of the details associated with their divorce including:

If you and your former spouse are in complete agreement our office provides cost-effective paperwork preparation, paralegal and representation services.  This is the fastest and least expensive path to a divorce.

If there are areas where you and your partner have disagreement, our experienced divorce attorneys will consult with you and provide reliable, constructive advice based upon decades of experience in Carlsbad divorce cases.  We can share ideas that have worked for others who have worked through the same challenges.

Another affordable option is mediation.  Mediation is a neutral environment designed to establish a cooperative and constructive working atmosphere where each party can provide insight into their concerns and wishes, and participate in crafting a solution that will work for them.  Mediation is not binding upon the parties, and the neutral mediator serves as a guide, not a judge.

Daniel Burke is an experienced family law mediator who has helped countless couples to resolve areas of disagreement and complete cost effective divorces in a shorter time frame than litigation.
Both Dan Burke and Pierre Domercq are California Family Law Certified Specialists with decades of experience.  If you are seeking cost effective strategies for a Carlsbad divorce we invite you to contact us or call to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced lawyers at 760-389-3927.