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Seeking Paternity Orders to Protect Your Child Custody Rights

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2020 | Paternity

Are you an unmarried father seeking paternity orders to protect your child custody rights in San Diego?

Many unmarried fathers are confused by the topic of paternity in Carlsbad. After all, you probably completed paperwork at the hospital which put your name on your child’s birth certificate.  You may even have begun to fulfill child support obligations.

However, it is important for unwed fathers in Carlsbad and all of San Diego to understand this important legal distinction:

The unmarried father of a child does not have any child custody or parenting time rights under California law unless those rights are asserted in a “paternity” action.

All child custody and parenting time rights and decisions associated with a child born to unwed parents legally remain with the mother unless and until you seek paternity orders to protect your child custody rights and parenting time through our local Family Court.

This means all decisions regarding the health of the child, education, religious practices and even access for visitation reside completely with an unwed mother until the unwed father legally establishes his paternity before a California Family Court.

Therefore, an unmarried mother may legally attempt to deny access to the child.  She also has the legal right to take the child and leave the area, state or country and there is nothing an unwed father can do about these decisions without established paternity and subsequent child custody and parenting time orders from the court.

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Learn about the difference between the legal distinction of paternity and the necessity to request child custody and parenting time orders from the court in order to protect your ability to see your child and participate in important decisions regarding their upbringing and future.