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How do I Select a Divorce Lawyer in Carlsbad

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2020 | Divorce

Are you searching for information on the question of “How do I select a Carlsbad divorce lawyer?”  Divorce is a stressful and a significant life transition. The orders obtained, whether through agreement, negotiation, mediation or litigation will impact you, your children, your budget and often times your future retirement as well. In order to maximize your results you should consider engaging an experienced and well respected divorce attorney who works with a staff including a Certified Specialist in Family law and perhaps associate attorneys who can assist with the routine and mundane tasks necessary to accomplish your goals.

The fact an attorney advertises heavily on the internet does not suggest he or she is a talented lawyer. It may in fact mean that the attorney lacks effective and efficient talent and relies upon advertising dollars to generate business because former clients do not recommend the representation.

How do I select a Carlsbad divorce lawyer and what should I look for?  Look to see how many years the attorney has been practicing, how many contested hearings are handled, how many trials have resulted in successful outcomes. The best divorce attorneys know few people want to go to trial.  However, unless your attorney is prepared to successfully represent your interests before the Court you may have no option but to abandon your goals and settle for an unsatisfactory result.  An attorney who has litigated similar facts and claims there will be able to provide valuable perspective and insight regarding a realistic end result and appropriate settlement parameters.

The best divorce attorneys do not tell you what you want to hear and then let the judge tell you the reality after you spend lots of money.  An honorable and reputable attorney will provide you with a realistic perspective so you can pick your battles carefully and use your resources appropriately.  Some cases present straight forward resolutions of many issues. Other cases, such as those involving disputes over child custody and parenting time or spousal support issues present sufficient variables to warrant thorough investigation and representation.

Your attorney should help you discern the easy issues and the challenging matters.  Don’t spend a lot of time and money arguing over the easy issues. If your spouse is unreasonable then you need an attorney who can protect you from the bullying and from the exhaustion of your resources by focusing the case on resolution and proceeding to hearing without delay so the fees and costs associated with and caused by an unreasonable person can be stopped as soon as possible.

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