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Posting to Social Media During Divorce Poses Many Risks

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2020 | Divorce

Posting to social media during divorce poses many risks which could have a long term impact on the quality of your life after the divorce.  Social media is a good way for friends and family to keep in touch.  For the most part, people post pictures of themselves, their kids and their activities with good intentions.  However, such information could be used in a San Diego divorce court.  Social media posts are admissible and can be used against the poster in a way which is detrimental to their interests.

For example, if a spouse says they cannot afford to pay child support, posting pictures of themselves on an expensive vacation likely won’t sit very well with the judge.  If a person claims to be unable to pay spousal support or child support but can afford to take an expensive vacation, it could also be used as evidence to question whether or not that former spouse is being truthful about their income.

Posting to social media during divorce poses many risks against your interests in child custody disputes.  If a mother is pictured out partying and drinking when she should have been home with her children, the post might be used to prove she is an unfit mother and should not have custody.  Even when spouses do not have access to the other’s social media accounts, there are still legal ways our skilled attorneys can legally obtain and present the post’s details.

Many future divorcees are scouring the internet these days to find out information about their soon-to-be ex-spouses.  Even business networking sites might turn up evidence of jobs or businesses not mentioned in the divorce discovery process.  Deleting accounts during the divorce process can be construed as destroying evidence.  To be on the safe side, individuals who are separating must understand maintaining and posting to social media during divorce poses many risks.

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