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Prenuptial Agreements are a Valuable Legal Tool

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2020 | Family Law

Prenuptial agreements are a valuable legal tool for protecting assets, intellectual property and existing financial interests prior to entering into a marriage.  This is especially true for people who own their own business or are part of a professional practice.

Prenuptial agreements have gotten a bad reputation over the years.  TV, movies and other dramas falsely portray them as manipulative or controlling.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If the relationship is healthy enough to consider marriage it should be strong enough to have a candid, forthright conversation about existing interests and the need to protect and preserve them.

Prenuptial agreements are a valuable legal tool for protecting all forms of assets when entering a marriage.  Many marriages today involve “blended families” where either or both of the soon-to-be spouses have children from a prior marriage.  It is important to keep some assets separate from the “community property” established in a marriage.

Prenuptial agreements are a valuable legal tool for establishing the existence of “separate property” and how it will be protected or handled in the event of future developments.  This reduces many aspects of risk for high wage earners, business owners and those who create such as artists, writers or professional performers.  Inventors and business owners may have intellectual property which should remain separate from the assets of the marriage.

The Certified Family Law Specialists provide valuable counsel to those who are concerned about protecting assets and creative interests when entering a marriage.  We can help to prepare you for conversations with a future spouse.  We work with our clients to outline the nature of these assets, the need to keep them separate from community property and how things will be managed in the event of a dispute or even a divorce.

The need for a prenuptial agreement is not an admission that your relationship will end up in a divorce.  Quite the opposite.  Those who enjoy a strong marriage must be able to share crucial conversations about genuine issues in a productive manner.  It is a sign of the strength of a relationship when open discussions are undertaken regarding the need for and the specifics of a prenuptial agreement.

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