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The Advantages of Mediation in a San Diego Divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2020 | Mediation

What are some of the advantages of mediation in a San Diego divorce?  Why should you consider mediation as part of an effective divorce strategy?

The cost and the time it takes to complete your divorce are directly associated with the amount of disagreement between you and your former spouse, as well as your ability to resolve them and reach a settlement.  These factors will also play a large role in the emotional price of the process as well.

The primary advantages of mediation in a San Diego divorce are:

  1. It partially or completely resolves all areas of disagreement, reducing or eliminating litigation in Court
  2. Mediation is private, confidential and keeps your private business out of the public record
  3. Mediation is often much less expensive and timely when compared to litigating your issues before the Court
  4. It provides an environment which is carefully managed to keep discussions more calm, focused and productive while protecting against strong personalities and controlling behaviors
  5. Mediation not only has a high rate of success, but those who reach an agreement in mediation are much more likely to abide by that agreement after the divorce. This reduces the extensive cost and time associated with post-decree disputes between the parties

One of the greatest advantages of mediation in a San Diego is it allows you to maintain a lot more influence and control over the process.  You are able to directly participate in identifying not only the specific details of the challenges at hand but in suggesting ideas and solutions which will work for you and your family.

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