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How Can Your Behavior and Your Choices During a Carlsbad Divorce Affect Your Life Afterward?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2021 | Divorce

How can your behavior and your choices during a Carlsbad divorce affect your life after the process is completed?

Divorce can be a traumatic experience for many people.  In some cases, an individual struggles to understand and process is happening in the “here and now.” They are often unable to perceive the reality of the road forward after their divorce is completed.

As Carlsbad Certified Family Law specialists with decades of experience I can tell you that the actions of the parties during divorce proceedings have a profound impact on the emotional burden of the divorce itself, they affect their own quality of life in the months and years that follow.  This is especially true if you share children and expect to co-parent with a former spouse.

The ending of a marriage is most often an emotional and difficult experience. We understand our client’s disappointments, hurts and even anger.  The divorce and family law attorneys at Burke & Domercq have counseled people who are going through the process for decades.  One of the best gifts we can give to our clients is to help them to learn how to separate the personal and emotional disappointments and hurts from the practical and legal decisions which must be made in order to complete a divorce.  This takes time.

Hand-in-hand with this idea is another simple fact:

The experience you have with your former spouse going through a divorce will greatly affect your ability to effectively work through challenges after your marriage has legally ended.

Those who have children are going to have to deal with their former spouse through many different challenges down the road. Your ability to handle that relationship and to work through those challenges will have a significant impact on the quality of your own life, and that of your children.  It is in your own interest, and those of the children, to choose a different path forward.

How can you maximize your behavior and your choices during a Carlsbad divorce to positively affect and improve your life after the process is completed? We work with my clients to help them to identify the things which are truly important to them.  These are the areas where we naturally hold a firmer line.   But the key to resolving a dissolution or divorce is a fair spirit of “give and take.”  We work to help our clients to understand the nature of these each issue in their divorce and to establish a working relationship with the Court, as well as the other party and their counsel whenever possible.

We work with our clients to develop specific strategies which help to ensure they achieve their goals and objectives for the divorce.  We also help them to understand each step in the process and develop strategies to manage every aspect of communications such as voicemails, emails, texts, social media posts and even in-person or public conversations.

Many clients are surprised to learn the Judge in their case is carefully observing and scrutinizing every aspect of how they handle themselves throughout the case.  Every communication, every action, even how a person dresses to appear in Court will impact the Judge’s perception of the individual.

Can this party, the information they provide and their testimony be trusted?  Are they reasonable?  Do they have the skill set necessary for co-parenting?

Experiences like negotiating the division of assets and debts and developing parenting plans don’t have to be antagonizing, emotional or vengeful proceedings. The experience of negotiation and/or mediation can be quite positive.  You maintain a strong level of influence and control over the outcomes in your case.  It is also important to note agreements reached through negotiation or mediation are much less likely to result in expensive and time consuming post-decree litigation.

It is possible to learn how to govern and structure your communications and reactions to protect your own interests and improve the outcome of your divorce.  It is possible to learn how to manage the emotional challenges of your divorce and develop strategies for processing and healing.

Every issue contained in the separation agreement must be completely resolved before your divorce can be completed.  It is possible to work with our proven, experienced Certified Family Law Specialists to find common ground, develop and propose new alternatives and work through issues of genuine and principled disagreement.

It is possible to reduce the cost of your divorce and the time it takes to complete it.  It is also possible to improve develop new tools and strategies which will help to establish new patterns which will carry forward into life following your divorce.  Our clients learn to how establish a more empowering and positive process for their divorce.  This new perspective permeates the atmosphere in their own lives, and in those of their children.

Your behavior and your choices during a Carlsbad divorce will absolutely impact the length of your divorce, as well as the financial and emotional price you will pay.  How does it feel to know you have the power to genuinely impact this process?  What is possible in your divorce case?

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