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The Genuine Benefits of Establishing Paternity in San Diego

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2021 | Paternity

There are genuine benefits of establishing paternity in San Diego not only for the father and child, but for the mother as well.  It is important to understand the legal rights of an unmarried father in California.  Here in our state, if a child is born to parents who are unmarried the mother retains all legal rights regarding child custody and parenting decisions (including access to the child) unless and until the father legally asserts their own rights in a paternity action.

While it is very possible and actually quite common for the name of the father to be added to the child’s birth certificate this does not legally change the status of the father as it relates to their child.  An unmarried mother has the right to make all legal and physical custody decisions for the child until a Court issues orders to the contrary.  This means the mother can deny the child’s father access to the child or even move across country (or outside of the United States) and take the child with her.

Establishing paternity doesn’t have to be an adversarial process.  There are genuine benefits of establishing paternity in San Diego which extend to the child as well as the mother.  Generally speaking the process involves genetic testing (an easy DNA swab for baby and father) and a request to the Court regarding child custody and parenting time orders.  Establishing paternity helps to provide the child with a more solid family history and sense of belonging as they grow and mature.  An active father can help to support the mother of the child with all aspects of providing for the child’s needs as well as care and parenting.

Paternity allows the father to seek and obtain child custody and parenting time orders as well.  This ensures the child has another protector who is able to have input on important decisions in the child’s life while sharing in the effort to house, raise and educate the child.

There are genuine benefits of establishing paternity in San Diego but the father must assert his rights under California Family Law.

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