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Relocation And Move-Away Carlsbad Divorce Attorneys

Are you concerned about relocation or move-aways as a parent during or following a divorce? A divorcing parent’s desire to move away with children can lead to an intense child custody dispute. When a custodial parent wants to relocate after divorce or resolution of a custody case outside of divorce such as paternity, modifications of other orders are often necessary.

At Burke & Domercq, APC, we have extensive experience assisting mothers and fathers with their needs in all such situations. Reaching an acceptable child custody and visitation agreement is often extremely difficult when one parent intends or threatens to move. Especially when the distance is likely to seriously limit the other parent’s access to their own children, litigation becomes a strong possibility. It is essential to seek qualified, resourceful legal counsel as early as possible in this process.

Have A Carlsbad Family Lawyer For Complex Divorce And Paternity Cases

California courts prioritize the best interests of children in all family law matters. In all but extreme cases involving domestic violence allegations, substance abuse or other such issues, orders and outcomes that support close, continuous relationships with both parents are the simplest to obtain. Advocating successfully for your position in a move-away case may require demonstration that:

  • You are the primary caregiver and have established closer bonds with the child.
  • The custody and visitation orders you are seeking will best enable the child to thrive.
  • You are willing and likely to share children with the other parent, making accommodations as needed to help ensure that happens.

Prompt Action May Be Critical In Your Move-Away Case

If you are a parent who shares custody or has visitation rights and has learned that the other parent intends to move, it is equally critical to get counsel promptly. Our proven Carlsbad child relocation and move-away lawyers will assess your situation and take action to protect your parental rights. Often, this involves filing timely, well-prepared motions justified by a change in circumstances.

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