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Carlsbad Family Lawyers For Restraining Order Assistance

Restraining orders should never be ignored, especially in a North County divorce case. If you are suffering due to physical or emotional abuse by your spouse, partner or someone else, you have legal options to gain protection, and we are here to help. A caring, experienced lawyer at Burke & Domercq, APC, will hear you out and help you take prompt action, including seeking a temporary restraining order and following through to make it permanent. The order may protect both you and your children, and it may require the offender to stay a specified distance away from you at all times.

We also help individuals who have been served with temporary restraining orders make sound decisions and protect their rights. All too often, failing to act and underestimating the potentially sweeping, life-altering consequences in these situations can lead to long-term regret.

Obtaining Or Contesting Restraining Orders

With decades of experience across a spectrum of California family law cases, our attorneys are well-equipped to represent you in a divorce or child custody matter in which domestic violence allegations are a factor. Key considerations for you may include:

  • Obtaining a temporary order is sometimes simple, but the court will look much more closely at the situation and speak with the accused person before making the order permanent.
  • Issuing a restraining order not only limits a person’s right to bear arms, but it can also affect their job, any child custody or visitation issues and even spousal support.
  • It is possible to pursue other types of orders that resolve issues like out-of-state child removal and unauthorized transfers of property.

Defend Yourself With Our Skilled Carlsbad Divorce Attorneys

At our firm, you will find responsive, results-driven lawyers for restraining order issues in North County, San Diego and all nearby area communities. While we are adamant in our stance against domestic abuse in all forms, we also recognize the complexities of each unique case. Contact our firm online or call us at 760-389-3927 for a prompt, attentive consultation focused on your specific needs.