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History of Carlsbad divorce: Then and now

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2013 | Divorce

California first established laws for divorce in 1851. Then, the grounds for divorce were impotence, extreme cruelty, desertion, neglect, habitual intemeprance, fraud, adultery, or conviction of a felony. At about that time, California, per capita, had the highest divorce rates anywhere. California was literally the divorce capital of the world. The 2009 census tells us that the divorce rate is greater than ever.
What are the top causes responsible for Carlsbad Divorces in 2013?
1. The primary cause for a Carlsbad divorce is a cheating husband or a cheating wife. Most, but not all husbands or wives will not tolerate infidelity. Some want to work through the infidelity. However, many cannot ever forgive. Even those who stay, never trust their partner again. So, the primary cause of North County or Carlsbad Divorces is infidelity.
2. The second most likely cause of a North County or Carlsbad Divorce is dishonesty. Knowledgeable Carlsbad divorce attorneys will tell you that husbands and wives often have different ideas about what dishonesty is. Some Carlsbad divorces result simply from a failure to tell the truth, some Carlsbad Divorces stem from lies, misleading conversations or neglecting to inform the other spouse of important life events. A lack of trust in a marriage often leads to divorce.
3. Addictions to Drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, gambling, etc lead to divorces in Carlsbad, Carlsbad and everywhere. For most spouses anything that takes priority over the marriage leads to a Carlsbad Divorce. This is because addictions cause trust issues. And the husband or wife cannot count on the other person to be there when they need them. If you or your spouse has an addiction and is unwilling or unable to resolve the addiction, a Carlsbad divorce is likely to result.
4. Domestic Violence, Spousal Abuse, and Verbal Abuse. Any type of abuse leads to a lack of trust, whether that abuse is sexual, physical violence, verbal, or emotional abuse. Many Carlsbad divorces are a result of some type of abuse. If you are a victim of abuse, see our related entries on how to stay safe. Also contact the police for resources and your closest domestic violence prevention clinic. Of course dial 911 if you are in immediate danger.
5. Changes in Life Goals. Many times couples fail to discuss life goals prior to marriage. Other times husbands and wives simply change over time and their priorities shift. Carlsbad divorces, Carlsbad Divorces and marital discord in general often stems from major shifts in religious practices, job changes, empty nest syndrome, retirement, other major life changes. If you or your spouse undergoes any major life change, a Carlsbad Divorce or Carlsbad Divorce could occur.
Most of the top divorce attorneys see all of these issues on a daily basis, and unlike in 1851 you need not prove adultery or any other fault in the other spouse. Today the only thing necessary to prove to obtain a Carlsbad Divorce is that you have lived in the State of California for the past 6 months, in San Diego County for the past three months, that you have irreconcialable differences with your spouse and that the passage of time, counseling or other assistance would not put the marriage back together again. Once you explain those facts to the Vista Court’s satisfaction you may obtain your Carlsbad Divorce.