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An Experienced And Skilled Carlsbad Family Lawyer

Divorce is never an easy thing for anyone. If you are faced with the end of your marriage, you may want to find the smoothest, least damaging and most expedient way possible of dealing with the divorce process. You may also wish to protect your personal and financial interests throughout the process.

An experienced Carlsbad divorce attorney at Burke & Domercq, APC, can help you accomplish your goals and objectives. Our certified family law specialist works with our clients to help them understand every issue associated with their divorce and achieve the results they desire.

Effective And Responsive Carlsbad Divorce Attorneys

At Burke & Domercq, APC, we are experienced, effective and responsive to the needs of our family law clients. Our attorneys have many decades of combined legal experience handling San Diego and North County divorce cases of every conceivable kind. We give clear answers to your questions, options to help keep your divorce cost-efficient and provide the information you need to make important decisions about all aspects of your situation including:

  • Marital status: What are the consequences of a change in marital status with regard to income tax, inheritance, remarriage, health insurance coverage or life insurance coverage? What about Social Security, pension or retirement benefits? Capital gain/house sale proceeds? Stock options?
  • Custody and visitation: Should we continue with existing custody or visitation arrangements or should we change parenting plans? Should my child testify in court? What is the difference between temporary orders versus permanent orders?
  • Child support: What is the formula for determining child support? Who figures out net incomes and child sharing arrangements? How will child care and health care expenses be handled?
  • Spousal support: What factors does a court consider in deciding on spousal support? Can we work this out outside of court? What are typical durations and amounts in cases like mine?
  • Property division: Should our property be divided fairly, equitably or equally – and what do those terms mean exactly? How do we value our assets? Who gets to use our property until we figure it out? What if our real property is upside down? Is our postnuptial agreement enforceable?
  • Business or professional practice ownership: Is a business or professional practice separate property or a community asset? How do you establish a value for and divide the community property interest in a business or professional practice? How can you protect your business interests during a divorce?
  • Time frames: Why is there a six-month waiting period for marital status to be terminated? When do the six months start? How do I get money in the meantime? Am I going to be allowed to see my child?

Every divorce situation is different and should be approached as a unique matter. Each of our divorce lawyers is supported by our highly skilled paralegals and staff. Each family law staff member in our firm is cross-trained so that each member can support our clients and assist you when you have an important question. As our client, you will receive personalized service that meets your specific needs. You will receive a copy of every document involved in your case.

How Will A Divorce Lawyer In Carlsbad Make A Difference In Your Case?

What will it be like to work with the certified family law specialist or a divorce attorney from Burke & Domercq, APC? How can an experienced and proven divorce lawyer make a genuine difference in your case? Ask our former clients. They will tell you:

  • “I highly recommend Burke & Domercq, APC. Pierre and his staff are professional, ethical, efficient, quick to respond and truly care about their clients. I have full trust in the advice that Pierre provides me and he has never steered me wrong. Pierre is intelligent, quick and always one step ahead!”
  • “I worked with Pierre on a very challenging case. His advice, throughout, was top-notch. I have worked with a variety of law firms over the years. 95% of the time – not satisfied completely. Burke and Domercq are, with great thanks, in my top 5%. This firm is a good choice for anyone looking for a successful outcome.”
  • “I am forever in your debt. Thank you for going to bat and hitting a home run for this single dad. Cheers!”
  • “Pierre and his staff are hands down one of the best family law firms in San Diego! Pierre and his awesome paralegal Rebecca handled my now husband’s matter efficiently, seamlessly and finally wrapped up a four-year lingering matter in a matter of months! They took so much stress and worry away once they took over. I can’t thank them enough!”

Are you searching for a Carlsbad divorce attorney who will not only firmly stand for you but also help you accomplish your goals? Are you looking for a divorce lawyer who actually helps to relieve your stress while assisting you to make informed, sound decisions throughout your divorce?

Do you want an attorney who will stand firm when needed, but work to find common ground and efficiently resolve areas of disagreement whenever possible? It is possible to achieve a dignified divorce while protecting those things that are most important to you. Burke & Domercq, APC, is the right firm to help you guide through this part of the journey.

What To Expect From Our Services

After an initial consultation with one of our divorce attorneys, you will have a clear understanding of your legal rights and your options for moving forward and the foundation of an effective strategy for achieving your goals. Credit cards are accepted. Protect your interests and achieve the divorce experience you seek.

It is possible to complete a divorce while maintaining existing life rhythms surrounding your family, children and activities. There are also times when you want an experienced, respected and effective Carlsbad divorce attorney who can and will stand up for you and achieve the results you desire. Respected. Resourceful. Reliable Results. 

What is the biggest challenge to completing a divorce?

Disagreement between the parties. If the parties do not reach a divorce agreement out of court through pretrial negotiation, mediation or collaborative law, they must go to court for a divorce trial before a judge. This process can take months to a year or more.

What is the best strategy to lower the cost of a divorce?

The best strategy to lower the cost of a divorce is to find common ground and compromise on areas of disagreement without abandoning your own goals. Resolving disputes between the parties is the biggest source of cost in any divorce.


What should you look for in a divorce attorney?

Look for experience, awards and recognition from the legal industry itself as well as completion of The State Bar of California’s Family Law Legal Specialization program: Certified Family Law Specialist.

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