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Carlsbad Family Lawyers Handling Domestic Violence Claims

Domestic violence takes many forms and has serious legal and emotional implications for families. Real and false allegations of violence can complicate divorce proceedings and have a significant impact on child custody and other family law matters. Domestic violence issues call for mature legal advice and representation.

The attorneys of Burke & Domercq, APC, have the knowledge, confidence and tact required to handle difficult cases involving allegations of domestic violence. We offer decades of combined legal experience in resolving challenging family law matters in California.

Protect Yourself With Legal Guidance From A Carlsbad Divorce Lawyer

If you have been a victim of domestic violence and your main concern is safety, you need an attorney who can help you quickly obtain the protection you need. If appropriate, we can help you secure a temporary or permanent order and help you understand the legal consequences of a protective or restraining order. If you have been accused of violent behavior and your rights are at stake, it is essential to have an attorney who can help you protect your rights.

We are highly experienced in representing clients in matters involving restraining orders and protective orders. We can help you understand and address the impact of these orders on support, custody, employment, firearm possession and other important issues. These orders can affect your career, especially in active military and professional law enforcement.

Providing Answers To Difficult Questions

We can help you get answers to important questions about domestic violence, protective orders and restraining orders:

  • Am I in jeopardy of losing custody of my child because of a restraining order?
  • What is the difference between a temporary order and a permanent order?
  • What good will any order do me? Will the police even know that I have an order?
  • How does a temporary order become a permanent order? What are the consequences of a permanent order?
  • Could a restraining order cause the restrained party to lose his or her job?
  • How can I protect my job and my right to see my children?

In many cases, people fail to take temporary orders seriously, but if an order becomes permanent, the consequences can be serious. If you are concerned about a protective order or restraining order, you may have a short period of time to act. Seek the advice of a knowledgeable attorney.

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