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Man with prior record for domestic violence hasn’t changed

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2014 | Domestic Violence

California residents, and those across the country, are all too familiar with stories of relationships gone bad. The tabloids are constant fodder for that information. The extreme situation is one where the relationship involves domestic violence perpetrated against one or even both partners.
A woman was recently admitted to a hospital and the hospital staff apparently called the police to investigate what they believed to be domestic battery. While the authorities were there investigating the situation, a man reportedly arrived and said that several woman had actually attacked the woman who was being admitted to the hospital, and that explained her injuries. Authorities, after concluding their investigating, arrested the man.
Upon further investigation into the man’s background, authorities discovered that the man had a record. Three different felonies showed up and the man was reportedly on probation at the time of the incident. His probation was due to a prior attack against the same victim. Authorities also report that the man is a known gang member.
Any California resident, male or female, does not have to stay in an unsafe environment. State law protects residents from abusive spouses and living situations. Gaining an understanding of how to secure a safe living situation may give victims of domestic violence the courage to leave an abusive relationship, seek a protective order against their abuser and start to put their lives back together again. Both temporary and permanent restraining orders can keep attackers away from victims, allowing them to collect their belongings and start a new life, one that is free from suffering, pain and fear.
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