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More California couples consider divorce as economy strengthens

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2014 | Divorce

When couples decide they can no longer work through their differences, many make the difficult decision to divorce. The divorce process can be complicated by many factors, such as the division of assets and property or child custody. One factor that has caused the divorce rate to stall here in California is the recent economic crisis. Many families felt they did not have the financial means to divorce and decided to stay together. Experts are now saying that the divorce rate is rising once again and this means the economy may be getting better.
An out of state couple shared their story in a recent article that demonstrated this very phenomenon. They co-owned a business together that did not fare well during the recession. Rather than legally separating as they wanted to do, the couple chose to remain together in order to tend to their company. They say that now their income has improved, and they are now able to pursue their divorce and move forward with their lives.
Statistics show a direct correlation between the recession and divorce rates. In 2009, the divorce rate was the lowest it had been in 40 years. Experts now point to studies that show the divorce rate has been steadily rising since then. The positive effect on the economy is due to the fact that couples who are now divorced require separate households and, therefore, are spending more money in the creation of them. If a couple experiences unemployment, the financial insecurity may influence them into keeping their marriage intact until the time is right and more income is available.
Spouses in California who are considering a divorce may need legal assistance to navigate the issues surrounding legal separation. It is important that all parties involved maintain open lines of communication so that the best interests of everyone can be honored. Divorce can be difficult under even the best of circumstances, but the potential for a new start may make it worth the effort.
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