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Soccer fans beware: link found between sports and domestic abuse

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2014 | Domestic Violence

Whether you’re cheering or jeering, there is always something happening at a sporting event that causes emotions to run high. But while for a large number of people this usually means throwing popcorn at the television because their favorite team just lost an important game, for others it can lead to something far more serious: domestic violence.
While you might think this is odd, research conducted in both the United Kingdom and the United States show that there is a link between the two. According to studies conducted in the UK, researchers noticed that during the last three World Cups, domestic violence rose by 38 percent when England lost. A similar occurrence was noticed by a Berkley professor when it came to game losses in the NFL as well.
Many experts believe that the reason domestic violence rates rise during sporting events such as the World Cup has a lot to do with the environment these events create. As was suggested recently by a Huffington Post article, “the highs and lows of matches serve as triggers for attacks that were perhaps already lying in wait.” For some people, the presence of alcohol can also be a trigger that can have devastating effects.
Although data suggests a correlation between sporting events and domestic abuse, it’s important not to jump to conclusions about your spouse if they are a sports fan. Believing that the two are exclusive to each other could lead a person to make a false accusation of abuse. As our readers know, even a false accusation can have serious legal consequences that can complicate everything from divorce to child custody. So with the World Cup upon us, we hope this is something our California readers will keep in mind.
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