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California man submits initiative to end alimony

On Behalf of | May 19, 2015 | Divorce

An Orange County man is attempting to put an end to alimony. Currently, signatures are being gathered for the initiative that is intended to stop alimony (also known as spousal support).
Secretary of State Alex Padilla granted permission to supporters of the initiative to begin the process of gathering signatures. This group will need to gather 365,880 signatures from registered voters by Nov. 2 in order to qualify for the Nov. 16 ballot.
If California voters approve the initiative, courts would be unable to award and enforce alimony upon legal separation, divorce, annulment or during marriage. The man who sponsored the measure said that he wished to end alimony because he thought it was no longer necessary.
If the initiative is approved, existing alimony awards that are less than 10 years would be revoked. In some cases, the courts may be allowed to grant a one-year extension. It is expected that this initiative, if passed, would increase state court costs to process petitions to terminate existing alimony orders.
Existing alimony awards greater than 10 years would be reduced by a rate of 20 percent per year over a period of five years. The author for the initiative believed that it should be passed because he feels alimony is an outdated institution. He points to the fact that many women are able to obtain employment and even make more income than many men.
Alimony is a hotly debated topic with compelling arguments on both sides. As it stands, a divorced woman can still petition the court for alimony as well as child support. In many situations, an experienced family law attorney can help ensure that the alimony that is ordered is fair for either party involved.