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Getting a financial adviser for a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 29, 2016 | Divorce

California residents can benefit from getting the advice of a divorce lawyer when ending their marriage, but a financial adviser may also be a good idea. While divorce attorneys stay abreast of current developments and procedures, they may not have the background necessary to ferret out hidden assets, for example.
A person getting a divorce may want to keep the family home, and a lawyer may be able to help accomplish this goal. However, homes often require extensive and expensive upkeep, and as a result, it may be more prudent to select other assets of comparable value when negotiating a financial settlement.
Additionally, sometimes spouses hide assets during a divorce. This may not be legal, but if the divorce goes through without hidden property being discovered, one person may lose out. A financial adviser can help an individual figure out which assets to pursue and help them find all of them.
Someone who decides to file for divorce will have a variety of issues to consider. Along with asset division, those who are facing the end of a marriage will also have to figure out if one person will be responsible for paying child or spousal support, and a couple will also have to determine who will get custody of children, if there are any. In some cases, these matters can be resolved through the process of negotiations handled by their respective family law attorneys. In other cases, mediation may be an appropriate way to settle certain matters without the need for having to take the process to court.