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Crowdfunding a divorce to help with costs

On Behalf of | May 27, 2016 | Divorce

Many California residents know about different crowdfunding sites that allow friends, family members and even strangers to help finance honeymoons, college educations and hospital costs. However, another site is now allowing people to crowdfund their divorce. The site allows people to seek funds for the cost of legal expenses or even the cost of new furniture and other items that are often needed after the divorce.
While this may seem like an interesting idea, there may actually be a need for the ability to crowdfund a divorce. In general, divorces can be fairly costly. If it is contested, the price tag can be quite high. A crowdfunding venture could potentially help those who simply do not have the money to actually go through with a divorce.
There have been several divorce trends that have come about throughout the years. One trend includes the “selfie divorce” where ex-couples pose smiling to show family members that things are fine between the two. Other trends include destroying the wedding dress.
The divorce process can be difficult for both parties, especially if they have extensive marital assets and debts that need to be divided and if there are child custody and visitation decisions that need to be made. Some couples are able to work these matters out on their own. For those who cannot, however, their respective family law attorneys may suggest mediation as a way to address one or more of these issues. In other cases, the attorneys are able to negotiate a comprehensive settlement agreement and then present it to the court for its approval.