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Rejecting divorce because of children

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2017 | Divorce

Concern about the welfare of their children may be the only reason why some parents in California have not yet filed for divorce. People who are uncertain about whether getting a divorce is the right move for themselves and their children should take some time and carefully consider these important issues.
Some parents may be inclined to stay in the marriage because they have hope that their marriage can be fixed. However, rebuilding a marriage is a very long process that requires substantial effort and self-reflection.
Parents may also believe that remaining together is more financially beneficial than being on their own. For example, remaining married may seem the best route if one party is ill and the health insurance coverage they receive as part of married couple is better than it would be if they were single. No matter what financial reasons are used to justify remaining in a marriage, both parties should make sure that they are in agreement.
There are some situations in which leaving the marriage is the only wise choice. This includes marriages in which abuse is a factor. Any form of abuse, whether it is emotional, verbal or physical, is enough justification to leave. It is also worth noting that children who grown up in abusive environments may be more likely to exhibit or be victimized by the same abusive behavior.
An attorney who practices divorce law may advise clients of their divorce legal options. The attorney might explain how the divorce process works and whether litigation may be necessary to obtain the desired settlement terms regarding spousal support, child support, parenting time, parental relocation, property division, child custody and any other type of divorce legal issues.