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Domestic Violence Accusations Around the Holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2017 | Domestic Violence

Domestic violence accusations around the holidays may carry a lot more consequences than they appear on the surface. In some cases when one of the spouses is planning to file for divorce after the holidays, a false accusation may be levied against the other spouse for domestic violence or child abuse.
We wish to make one point vividly clear: Burke & Domercq, APC absolutely stands for the safety of all – especially the children. Domestic violence is a serious issue and when it exists we are committed to helping people to find a safe home and to seek the legal protections and emergency orders which often help to establish or restore peace and safety.
We have also been witness to several cases over our decades of service in Carlsbad family law courts where a person was unjustly accused of domestic violence or child abuse in order for the other party to gain the upper hand in an existing or future divorce case.
If you have been served with an Emergency Protective Order or EPO it is important for you to follow the instructions contained within to the letter. “No contact” means exactly what you think it means: do not phone, text, contact through social media, speak with, approach or have another friend or family member approach the other person on your behalf.
If you have been served with an EPO which you believe to be absolutely false or manipulative we invite you to contact Burke & Domercq, APC or call 760-389-3927 immediately to schedule time with one of our attorneys. You only have a few days before a hearing which will determine the validity or falsity of the allegations resulting in either permanent orders or a dismissal of your case.
Our attorneys can make a substantial difference not only in your EPO case, but in the future of your life itself. Those who receive permanent restraining orders are characterized as “violent” individuals by law enforcement and employers alike. They find it much more difficult to even get an interview in the future. They are also treated as a potentially violent criminal in any interaction with the police, including a simple traffic stop.
If you have been involved in domestic violence accusations around the holidays take prompt action to protect your rights and defend your future. Child custody and parenting time may be adversely affected by a permanent restraining order resulting from domestic violence or child abuse allegations.