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How Are Children in California Affected by the Divorce Process

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2019 | Divorce

How are children in California affected by the divorce process?  Divorce is understandably going to be a difficult situation for all involved.  Processing emotions and dealing with the entire divorce process can be very stressful on any adult.  It is easy to understand how much harder it is for children affected by the divorce process.

A recent article in a Matrimonial Law Journal detailed how children are affected by the proceedings and litigation of divorce.  Since children do not usually have their own representation in their parents’ divorce, it may be hard on them to watch their parents go back and forth, especially in a more difficult situation.  Children who are present when the emails and phone calls between their divorcing parents reach a violent level are left with deep emotional scars.

The parents are the ones who should maintain their composure during the divorce process.  The children are not the reason the divorce is happening, so why should they be the ones to suffer from it?  How are children in California affected by the divorce process and how can you help?  It is helpful for divorcing spouses with children involved to keep things civil and respectful, and to present as much of a united front around the kids whenever possible.

Research has consistently found the first year or two after the divorce are the hardest on the kids.  Mothers and fathers alike tend to be less affectionate during a divorce.  Younger children worry about whether the divorce was their fault, and if their parents can stop loving each other will they stop loving their child as well?  They may fear they’ve done something wrong or misbehaved.  Teenagers may blame one of the parents or express anger over the disruption of the family.  Loving reassurance will be required, as well as a smooth working schedule following the divorce.

The Court is watching as well.  Judges look to how the parents are able to work together when reviewing shared parenting plans and child custody orders.  If you have children during a divorce seek the guidance and counsel of our experienced Carlsbad divorce attorneys.  Draw on our decades of experience by contacting Burke & Domercq, or calling 760-389-3927 to schedule an appointment today.