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Child Support is Statutory and Must be Considered in Every Case

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2019 | Child Support

In is important to understand child support is statutory and must be considered in every case involving children of divorce.  The State of California family law code firmly establishes the responsibility of a legal parent to provide for their child(ren).  California has established a complex child support guideline calculation which considers all sources of net income for both parents.  The baseline child support calculation must be provided to the Court as part of the proceedings in a divorce case involving children.

It is important to note it may be possible to deviate from the guideline child support calculation.  There are many factors which one may ask the Court to consider when determining the final amount of child support.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • The amount of time the child(ren) will spend with each parent
  • Agreements to offset child support with spousal support considerations
  • Agreements to offset child support with community property or retirement
  • Agreements to cover specific expenses which exceed guideline support such as education or healthcare

It is also important to understand the amount of child support established in the initial or temporary orders of the court at the outset of a divorce can be quite different than the final amounts ordered in a divorce decree.

While child support is statutory and must be considered in every case for divorce which involves a child there are options.  This is why it is important to work with the Certified Specialists in family law at Burke & Domercq.  Our experienced attorneys work with you to understand your priorities and the issues which are important to you in your divorce.  We provide sound advice and counsel regarding child support and other strategies which will help to accomplish your goals and objectives for the process.

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