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You Don’t Want to make These Mistakes in Divorce Court

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2019 | Divorce

If you are considering or attempting to manage your own divorce you don’t want to make these mistakes in divorce court:

Dressing too casually – it may not seem fair, but appearances absolutely matter to the court.  All judges deserve our respect, and when a party walks into court in casual clothes it demonstrates a lack of respect for the court and the situation.  Judges are human too, and first impressions really matter.

Failing to Bring Supporting Documentation – you will need to substantiate your own positions and requests and maintain the ability to refute the position of your former spouse.  This requires evidence.  Make sure you have all paperwork which is relevant to the matter at hand.  Further, make sure it is well organized so that you may quickly retrieve it to answer any question the judge may pose to you.

Your cell phone rings in court – there are few things which irritate a judge more than interruptions in the courtroom.  This is another example of disrespect to the judge, the courtroom, and all others who are present.

Interrupt a judge – One of the fastest ways to alienate a judge and harm your own position is to interrupt a judge when they are speaking.  Take notes to capture important concepts you wish to respond with.  It may be hard to bite your tongue in the moment, but the judge will provide ample opportunity for you to speak.  There are few things which irritate a judge more than someone who is talking over them in their own courtroom.

While you don’t want to make these mistakes in court perhaps the biggest mistake many parties make is not hiring an experienced Carlsbad divorce attorney to represent them.  In simpler matters (those without children and less community property issues) you may very well be able to manage without a lawyer.  The experienced Carlsbad divorce attorneys at Burke & Domercq are not only Certified Specialists in family law, they have decades of experience appearing before each judge.  We know how each judge manages their courtroom and can provide insight into each judges preferences and procedures.

You will need sound legal counsel to achieve a positive outcome in child custody and parenting time issues, community property division as well as spousal support or business ownership division.  Attempting to represent themselves is the biggest mistake many people make in their own divorces.