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The Fastest and Least Expensive Divorce in Carlsbad

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2019 | Divorce

What is the best way to accomplish the fastest and least expensive divorce in Carlsbad?  Most divorces in California are actually initiated by the parties themselves (without a lawyer).  This is usually an attempt to keep costs down.  Is this the right strategy for your cost-effective divorce?

Contrary to the old myths, the cost associated with a divorce is not based upon attorney’s fees.  It is based upon disagreement between the former spouses.

If you have only been married for a few years and have no children or substantial assets your divorce should take six months and should be very cost effective.  In these cases our clients simply work with our paralegals to assemble properly structured and enforceable documents.  These documents are reviewed by one of our attorneys to ensure you will only have to appear once and you are much more likely to achieve the outcome you seek.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of divorce cases in California get bogged down in the details.  Even when the parties are in complete agreement, the Judge must have properly structured documents which address every aspect of the divorce itself.  If you appear without having every single issue completely resolved or without properly structured documents the Judge cannot proceed.  The matter in then delayed for several months until another court date is available, and the Judge typically tries to provide some direction to the parties.  But this is not the responsibility of the Court.  It is the responsibility of the parties.

The fastest and least expensive divorce in Carlsbad happens when the parties work together with attorneys who understand their goals and objectives.  Any area of disagreement regarding the division of community property, child custody and parenting time, spousal support or the division of retirement accounts and associated documents (QDROs) must be completely resolved before the divorce can be finalized.

Resolving challenging issues is usually accomplished through negotiation, guided by our experienced Certified Family Law Specialists.  When the parties cannot negotiate their own resolution, mediation is an excellent alternative.

If you are seeking the most genuine path to the fastest and least expensive divorce in Carlsbad we invite you to contact Burke & Domercq or call 760-389-3927 to learn more or schedule an appointment with a member of our team.  We work to understand our client’s goals and objectives and provide the services necessary to accomplish the best possible outcome in their case.