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Mediation Can Substantially Reduce the Cost of a Carlsbad Divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2019 | Mediation

How can mediation substantially reduce the cost of a Carlsbad divorce?  The majority of those who seek a divorce in North County San Diego are looking to keep costs down as much as possible. The fact that more than 80% of local divorcing couples attempt to begin the divorce process without an attorney is evidence of this fact.  It is interesting that more than half of those cases completed here in Carlsbad took much more than a year to complete, and both parties ultimately hired attorneys.  Why?  The process is simply too complicated and the paperwork must be precise in order to gain the approval of the Court.

So how do you keep the cost out of a Carlsbad divorce if the answer isn’t to avoid hiring an attorney?

Most people considering a divorce don’t realize the majority of the cost of a divorce is associated with the inability to resolve areas of disagreement. Resolving disagreements are the most expensive part of any divorce in Carlsbad, Oceanside, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Vista or Escondido.

Mediation can substantially reduce the cost of a Carlsbad divorce. Mediation can also help you to complete the divorce in a faster time frame and with far less emotional distress. All issues contained within the “Separation Agreement” including child custody and parenting time, child support, spousal support and community property division must be completely resolved in order for your divorce to be completed.  What happens when the two parties have areas of substantial principled disagreement?

The last resort and most expensive and time consuming option is to have the Court hear the dispute and issue orders.  Neither party is usually happy with the ultimate outcome in these cases. Mediation is an alternative that is much less expensive, and the tools and strategies learned during the mediation process can actually help the parties to work together more effectively during and after the divorce process.

Mediation can not only substantially reduce the cost of a Carlsbad divorce, but prevent additional costs in the future.  Those who work out their challenges in mediation are much more likely to abide by those agreements after the divorce is completed.  This substantially reduces expensive post-decree litigation and makes life after the divorce easier not only for the two parties, but for any children associated with the divorce.

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