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Can Child Support be Modified After Your Divorce Decree?

On Behalf of | May 9, 2020 | Child Support

Can child support be modified after your divorce decree has been issued?  The amount of child support may be modified after the divorce decree is issued in your case, however the Court is not a revolving door and there are specific requirements which must be met in order for our North County Family Court to hear your request.

Most divorced parents are overwhelmed by the legal questions, process and paperwork associated with the modification of child support after a divorce decree has been issued. This is why it is important to work with the experienced family law attorneys at Burke & Domercq based in Carlsbad.

The court will usually be looking for a substantial change in the “Status Quo” – the material or financial changes which have occurred which justify an increase or decrease in the amount of child support. The party making such a request of the court must show that a change in circumstances has impacted one of the party’s financial status.

If the payor loses their job or experiences a cut in pay, the court may order a temporary or permanent reduction in support to be paid. In some cases the court will look at a party’s “earning capacity” and not simply their present income situation.

Likewise if the recipient’s financial situation has substantially changed this may affect the amount of child support the court orders going forward. A substantial shift in child custody and parenting time or a change based upon domestic violence, alcohol or drug addiction or some other development may warrant changes to present child support orders.

Can child support be modified after your divorce decree has been issued in North County Family Court?  The experienced Carlsbad Certified Family Law Specialists provide sound counsel informed by decades of service before our North County Family Courts. We invite you to review the recommendations of our clients and contact us or call 760-389-3927 to schedule an appointment to discuss your unique circumstances and how to best handle your case.