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Get Divorced or Stay Together – a Big Consideration During COVID-19

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2020 | Divorce

Many California couples have problems in their marriages. But the recent pandemic and resulting social distancing has brought many nascent issues to the surface.  Divorce rates are climbing during the pandemic as couples face a bid consideration during COVID-19: get divorced or stay together.

While there are certainly legitimate reasons for couples to split up, additionally there are reasons that they may choose to stay together. Exploring both sides of the argument may help in reaching a sound decision.

One of the reasons for a divorce is infidelity. The recent social distancing requirements make it difficult to maintain contact.  While some people may be able to forgive a cheating spouse, others might find it hard to go on in the marriage. Counseling may provide some insight, but in this instance, splitting up might be the best decision.

How a spouse behaves with the children in the family is an important issue which may also affect the decision to get divorced or stay together. An individual who is married to a person who abuses children, whether emotionally or physically, has a primary duty to the children and may consider divorce a necessity.

Emotional abuse or physical violence in a marriage may endanger a partner’s life or may adversely affect a partner’s sense of self-esteem. Addiction might also be a reason for a couple to decide to end a marriage, particularly if the partner with the addiction refuses to seek rehabilitation treatment. For those whose partner does try to get help, it might be worth staying in the marriage.

Having a family together may be a big reason to try to work out problems. Beside the potential problems of sharing child custody and parenting time, ensuring what parents consider to be in the best interest of their children may lead a couple decide to work out problems. Financial considerations may be an additional reason to stay together.

The sudden onset of COVID-19 has forced the issue for many couples in Carlsbad or North County: get divorced or stay together?  When the decision has been made to end a marriage, the filer may want to have the assistance of an experienced Certified Family Law Specialist throughout the divorce process.

You will have many questions and concerns and seeking the advice and counsel of our experienced family law and divorce attorney can help you to find the answers you seek.

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