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Avoiding Child Support Payment by Hiding Gig Income

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2021 | Child Support

Is it possible that your former spouse is avoiding child support payment by hiding gig income or other wages?  A recent study revealed more than 70% of child support payments are collected by withholding the debt from a payor’s paycheck.

What happens in cases where the payor of child support works as an independent contractor or gig work?  California is experiencing genuine challenges tracking and attaching income outside of a normal payroll process.  The lag in reporting between the company providing the work and an independent contractor or gig worker is significant.

In cases where state or local child support enforcement agencies suspect the payor is avoiding child support payment by hiding income it can become difficult to successfully process collection efforts.

California family law establishes a clear financial responsibility for all parents to provide for their child’s food, clothing, shelter, education and health care.  Avoiding child support payment by hiding gig income or revenue as a general contractor has contributed to a national balance of unpaid child support approaching $120 billion.

The Certified Family Law Specialists at Burke & Domercq can provide sound legal advice and counsel in these cases.  It is often possible to bring the matter before the family court and seek discovery regarding bank account and income tax documentation.

In many cases an individual avoiding child support payment by attempting to hide income or revenues as a general contractor makes incriminating posts to social media regarding lifestyle, major purchases, travel and other incriminating expenditures.

In substantial cases these forensic investigations help to provide evidence to prove the facts to our Family Court and secure orders to attach accounts and assets.  A levy against financial accounts can provide relief when a former spouse is avoiding child support payment by hiding gig income.

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