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How Do You Know Its Time for a Divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2021 | Divorce

How do you know its time for a divorce in San Diego?  What are some of the most common signs its time to consider ending your marriage?

The decision to end a marriage can be brought on by a single event.  However, in most cases studies have shown it can take months or even years to decide its time to end the marriage.  Some of the most common relationship issues which lead to divorce include:

  • Lack of an intimate or passionate connection
  • Money problems
  • Continuous disagreement or arguments
  • Different beliefs or approaches to parenting
  • Irresponsibility or an unfair distribution of household chores
  • Work or parenting are more important than time together
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Physical or emotional abuse

You’ve probably had several conversations about the issues in your relationship.  Many couples turn to counseling in an effort to resolve the issues and get things back on track.  When do most people know things aren’t going to change and its time for a divorce?

Each case is obviously unique but there are signs which could mean its time to move on.  One of the most common is that you quit trying.  Every healthy relationship involves disagreement from time to time.  If you’ve stopped arguing it is usually a sign that either or both of you have given up.  The opposite is also true.  If the point of argument is to “win,” blame or punish the writing may be on the wall.

Psychologists also suggests its time for a divorce if you consistently hide things from your spouse or if you can’t be your genuine self.  If your spouse isn’t the first person to you text, call or talk to share good news or bad, or it is all “I” or “my” and there is no more “us, our or we” then you probably know its time for a divorce.

There may be that final straw or last big argument or it may simply be a deafening silence, but perhaps the clearest sign is constantly asking yourself if its over.

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