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Is It Really Possible You Will Be Happier Once Your Divorce is Final?

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2021 | Divorce

Is it really possible you will be happier once your divorce is final?  Many people who are in the process of considering a divorce in Carlsbad or San Diego wonder if getting a divorce is worth it or if it will make their life even harder and more miserable than simply sticking with what seems like a very poor relationship.

Studies show most people who are considering a divorce envision their lives will be miserable and lonely after a divorce.

You may be surprised to learn these same substantial studies also show the majority of those who divorce actually report being happier once their divorce is final.  While the process of the divorce itself may be challenging most study respondents reported contentment with new routines.  The pre-divorce pattern of emptiness, constant arguing and bickering and disagreement over priorities is gone.

It is really possible you will be happier once your divorce is final.  A new pattern of control and contentment with making decisions regarding priorities, rearing the children and opportunities to forge a new relationship provide hope and a sense of well-being many said they hadn’t felt in years.  The majority of respondents reported an uplift, but more women reported contentment for up to 5 years post-divorce.

One of the most common concerns of study participants prior to divorce related to questions about financial stability.  The concerns could be boiled down to a straight forward question: “is protecting my finances worth staying in a poor marriage?”  The post-divorce answers consistently reported the theme that “money can’t buy you happiness.”  While many found post-divorce finances more challenging for a period (especially women) the overwhelming consensus showed happiness post-divorce.

Is divorce the best option for your unique circumstances?  Do you intend to co-parent after your divorce?  How will substantial assets and retirement accounts be divided during your divorce?  Is it really worth it?

Yes, it is really possible you will be happier once your divorce is final.  The process of your divorce will make a substantial difference in the long term.  Ask our Certified Family Law Specialists about managing your emotions as well as the process of the divorce itself to make the journey more bearable and productive.  How will negotiation and or mediation help to accomplish your goals and objectives in a faster and more cost-effective manner?

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