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What Basics of Divorce Do You Need to Be Aware of in San Diego?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2021 | Divorce

What basics of divorce do you need to be aware of in San Diego?  What are some of the concepts you need to understand and what are some of the rules which will apply to your divorce?

The first thing you need to know is it doesn’t really matter why you and your former spouse have decided to get a divorce.  You don’t have to establish any “grounds” for the divorce as the State of California considers every divorce to be based on irreconcilable differences.  The Judge generally doesn’t care if one party or both were unfaithful or why the divorce is taking place.

One of the next basics of divorce you need to know is the Judge in your case is carefully observing every communication you make as well as how you comport yourself inside and out of the Court.  This applies to all communications (texts, emails, voicemails, social media posts, etc.) which ultimately can and often will become part of the evidence in your case.  It is best to make a decision from the outset of your case to never communicate in any forum when you are angry or to write or say anything in a recordable format which you do not wish to be read out loud in open Court and shared in the public record.

In order to file for a divorce in San Diego you are required to live in the State of California for at least six months and the County of San Diego for at least 3 months prior to filing for divorce.  We are often asked how long a divorce will take and how much it will cost.  One of the most important basics of divorce to clearly understand is the cost of your divorce and the time it will take to complete are both directly tied to and based upon the ability of you and your former spouse to resolve areas of disagreement and reach a settlement.  The more you disagree about things, the longer it will take to complete your divorce and the more expensive it will be.

Another one of the basics of divorce is need for a proven attorney.  It may interest you to know that more than 80% of the divorce cases in California are filed by one of the parties without legal representation.  It is also important to know that 60% of those cases took more than a year to complete and the majority required both parties to ultimately have a lawyer.  It is ultimately more efficient, timely and even less expensive in terms of time off of work and expense to work with an attorney rather than doing it yourself.

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