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Some of The Biggest Mistakes in a San Diego Divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2021 | Divorce

What are some of the biggest mistakes in a San Diego divorce?  What steps can you take to avoid the mistakes which can really hurt the goals and objectives you’ve established for your San Diego divorce?

One of the most important things you need to know about the process of a divorce is everything you say, write, text, leave in a voicemail or post to social media can and likely will be used against you.  Your own emotions can result in some of the biggest mistakes in a San Diego divorce.  Therefore, it is important to develop a simple, yet very effective strategy from the outset:  Never, ever communicate with your former spouse when you are angry or upset.  Simply put your phone down and/or let go of the mouse and walk away until you are able to carefully choose your thoughts.  It is a good strategy to assume that everything you say, write, text or post will be read not only by the Judge in your case, but by co-workers, family, friends, your children, clergy….

Some of the biggest mistakes in a San Diego divorce case involve how a parent behaves in front of their own children.  Many people attempt to use children as pawns to either inflict pain on their former spouse or to manipulate the relationship between a child and the other parent.  Speaking ill of your former spouse in front of the children or making any attempt to limit or interfere with their rights to see the children or maintain a productive relationship will be viewed by the Court in a very negative fashion.  The Judge in your case is carefully evaluating the actions of all parties to ascertain their fitness for co-parenting or any form of custody or parenting time.

Never attempt to hide income or assets.  Any attempt to mislead the Court as to the existence or value of an asset or debt, the valuation of a possession or business asset or financial account will result in harsh financial and legal consequences.

If you wish to avoid some of the biggest mistakes in a San Diego divorce you should never listen to or accept legal “insight” or “advice” from friends, family and especially your former spouse.

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