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Proof in a San Diego Divorce Case

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | Divorce

I routinely get asked what happens when there is no proof in a San Diego divorce case. Legal dramas on television are often to blame for this one, because most people don’t realize how often important events take place somewhere without security cameras.

Does that mean it didn’t happen? Does it mean it can’t be proved?  The answers are simply “No” and “No.”  This sometimes leads San Diego divorce clients to not even tell their attorney about important issues, or events, because they don’t feel like they can prove it. We always tell our clients: “Share important things that have happened, or that happen in the future even if you can’t prove it.

You see, evidence is all around us. Proving something happened does not require video, or a smoking gun. Witnesses can testify to anything they see, hear, feel, or smell. If the judge finds that they are believable, their testimony is likely going to be enough to prove something happened.  When witnesses are testifying, it is often very clear to the Judge and everyone in the courtroom who should be believed, and who should not.  This is why it is important to leave issues associated with proof in a San Diego divorce case in the hands of our attorneys.

This is incredibly important in family law because so many of the conversations and interactions in issue have taken place in private.  On numerous occasions I have been told by an opposing party that “even if that did happen, you can’t prove it!” only to put on evidence, in the form of my client’s testimony, that proves something important to the case.

All of this is to say that, even if you don’t think you can prove something, make sure to tell our experienced Certified Family Law Specialists everything about your pending case, so that we can provide sound counsel and help you as much as possible.

Discussing Carlsbad Divorce with non-lawyers – especially former spouses – almost always results in bad legal advice.  Proof in a San Diego divorce case can come in many forms.  It may surprise you to learn it often comes from the mouths of those who said it couldn’t be proven!

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