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Can You Divorce a Spouse with Significant Health Issues in San Diego

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2022 | Divorce

Can you divorce a spouse with significant health issues in San Diego?  What do you need to know about ending a marriage while dealing with the issues of a severe health challenge?

Working through, managing and coping with the substantial challenges of a chronic or terminal illness is one of the greatest challenges a marriage can face.  It may surprise you to learn that roughly a third of these marriages fall apart.  You’re not alone.  Illness can result in changes in the patient’s personality, so much so their spouse may feel like they don’t even know them any more.  Serious illness can affect intimacy and result in serious depression for either or both of the partners.

Getting a divorce can be challenging enough on it’s own without the additional complexity of working to divorce a spouse with significant health issues in San Diego.  Issues involving health insurance, property division, child custody and visitation and support will all be affected by the current situation and what may develop in the future.

Health insurance is often shared between spouses based on one or the other’s available options at work.  A divorce could mean the end of needed and necessary health insurance when its needed most.  In these cases the experienced Certified Family Law Specialists at Burke & Domercq help our clients to understand their options and determine the right path forward.  A legal separation can accomplish all of the issues associated with a divorce and allow the parties to separate while remaining legally married, thereby preserving existing insurance coverage.

When you divorce a spouse with significant health issues in San Diego issues such as child custody and visitation and even the division of retirement and life insurance can become quite contentious.  You have a lot on your mind.  You need experienced, proven advice and counsel.

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