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Divorcing your alcoholic spouse

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2022 | Divorce

Carlsbad residents beginning the divorce process know they most likely have a complex and challenging time ahead of them. Divorces are stressful for everyone involved, and if your spouse struggles with an alcohol addiction, you are likely worried about how that addiction may affect your divorce.

There are various reasons that may have led to your decision to divorce your spouse, or you could be divorcing them because of their alcohol addiction. Many alcoholics become completely different people when they are intoxicated, engaging in angry or violent behavior.

Recognize that divorce is often the best choice

You should not be afraid to divorce your alcoholic spouse because you are afraid of their reaction to the divorce. Once you have decided to divorce, there are many things you can do to help you maintain your stability, despite your spouse’s alcohol addiction.

Even if your spouse is not an “angry drunk,” their behavior when drunk can escalate during a time of high stress, such as a divorce. Their alcohol consumption may increase, causing them to become intense and emotional and begin contacting you constantly, trying to get you to change your mind about the divorce.

Make safety your first priority

Your most important concern should be your own safety, as well as the safety of your children, pets or family members. Take care of yourself by engaging in activities that keep you physically and mentally healthy.

Take advantage of the support of your family or friends who are there to help you through this hard time. Let your divorce attorney know that your spouse has an alcohol addiction, so they are aware of the situation.

Document everything

Your spouse’s addiction can affect your divorce if they engage in revenge seeking behavior when drunk, such as destroying your property.

Have detailed documentation and evidence of everything. Take pictures of all property before you start your divorce, so if any of it is damaged, you have a stronger case that your spouse purposely damaged it.

If your alcoholic spouse’s behavior becomes increasingly dangerous, consider requesting a protection order from the court. Taking these steps can help you divorce your alcoholic spouse and move forward into a better life.