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Signs of domestic abuse after divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2022 | Domestic Violence

Divorce because of domestic abuse is the right thing to do. No one should stay in an abusive relationship. You deserve better, and so do your kids. However, just because you divorced your abusive ex-spouse does not mean that the abuse will necessarily end.

The statistics

We assume that the divorce is the end of an abusive relationship. However, according to many researchers, as many as 90% of victims still experience some form of abuse post-divorce. And, sometimes, this abuse lasts years or decades.

Direct economic abuse

Post-separation, the most common form of continued abuse is economic abuse. This includes canceling credit cards, draining bank accounts and not paying court-ordered payments. It could be even worse, like taking out credit cards and loans, but not paying them as agreed, effectively, destroying their spouse’s credit. This can block their spouse from opening up their own accounts, leasing an apartment, buying a home or even starting utility services.

Indirect economic abuse

This economic abuse can flow to the children as well. They can promise the child items the couple cannot afford, or sign them up for Carlsbad, California, activities without any intention of paying for those activities. This puts additional financial and emotional stress on the ex-spouse, along with disappointing the child. Alternatively, they can send kids to school without appropriate clothing because it was “lost” and refuse to buy it, which will force the abuse victim to purchase that attire repeatedly, like forcing them to buy multiple winter coats.


Often, the way the abusers justify such economic abuse is that they “lost” their job when, in fact, they actually quit or did something intentionally to get fired because they would rather be destitute than pay child support or alimony.

What can be done?

Do not let the economic abuse stack up. The moment that you see what they are doing, the best thing to do is, usually, to call your Carlsbad, California, divorce attorney. This type of behavior is not legal and may violate court orders. Not following court orders can lead to your ex-spouse spending time in jail, and the court can order escalating financial penalties as well.