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On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | Child Support

As any parent in California can attest, raising a child comes with a price tag. The costs associated with caring for a child can be overwhelming at times, especially when a parent was used to having the other parent helping with the bills and caregiving. Whether it is through divorce or separation, some parents no longer parent together but rather separately in two different households.

Even if one parent has the child or children most of the time, the other parent still plays a role. This role is not just caring for the child physically but also financially. In order to ensure that this financial support is consistently met, child support orders are established.

Financial obligations

At Burke & Domercq, APC, our attorneys understand the complexity of family law matters; however, they also understand the importance of securing monetary support in custody and visitation cases. Whether a parent deems child support necessary or not, our law firm is prepared to fully explain your rights when it comes to securing child support.

Since each family is different, each family law matter brings its own unique family law issues. The facts of the case help establish the amount of child support one can seek. By looking at your specific circumstances, this can help you better calculate when applying the formula. Additionally, these factors can also establish if any deviations from that amount could occur.

Enforcing and modifying orders

Children grow and their needs and interests change. As such, so do the costs associated with raising them. Additionally, circumstances could change for either parent, such as a job change, job loss, increase in pay, inheritance or diagnosis of a health condition. These and other situations might make it necessary to revisit the order and modify it. Modification could result in an increase or decrease in financial obligations.

If a parent has failed to meet their child support obligations and is behind on payments, the other parents could take action to enforce the order. Delinquent child support could carry with it serious consequences, making it imperative to seek modification if payments can no longer be made.

Whether you seek to establish, modify or enforce a child support order, it is important to understand your situation and the rights you have. By gaining a better understanding, you can take legal action that better protects your rights and interests.