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Red flags for a gray divorce warrant being prepared and protected

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2022 | Divorce

California couples who are 50 and older and have been together in a marriage for a long time might not expect to get divorced. However, marital conflict, stagnation, unhappiness and other obstacles arise in every marriage. It can affect people of any age and lead them to think about moving on.

Many have accrued substantial assets and dividing them is worrisome and complicated. A common challenge people who are getting a so-called “gray” divorce will face stems from being completely unprepared for it. If the relationship is going through a rough stretch or it has been problematic for an extended period, there are signs that might indicate a divorce is on the horizon. Recognizing them can be helpful.

Gray divorces are on the rise across the nation

Statistically and anecdotally, gray divorces have been increasing. Frequently, people feel blindsided by this. Some signs might not show a divorce is in the works, but it is wise to think about how a spouse is behaving compared with how they behaved before. This could be an indicator of divorce.

For example, those 50 and older may make plans for how they will spend their retirement. If one person is making plans without input or involvement from the other, this is a suggestion that the intention is to move on. Some couples may have spent a lot of time together but are no longer doing so and, more importantly, do not want to do so. If there are divergent plans, it could go beyond personal interests and be a desire to move forward.

The dynamic changes when there are no longer kids in the home. People can be excited about the day when they no longer need to keep up with their teens and young adults, navigating their schedule based on their needs. Once it happens, marital problems that were glossed over come clear and the decision to part ways is made. For marriages where there is a hope of staying together, relationship disagreements are worked out. If there is no interest in working it out, the union could be coming to its end.

If divorce is a possibility, it is crucial to be prepared

Although it can be complicated to come to grips with a divorce – especially a high-asset divorce – those who have achieved a level of success must consider their financial and personal needs. That includes retirement accounts, real estate, bank accounts, sentimental items and how they will support themselves. If there is an inkling that divorce is on the way or it has already been discussed or initiated, it is imperative to have professional representation to ensure that they are secure and protected for the future.