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Ways to make both homes feel like home after a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce brings many, many worries to the divorcing parents, but the most important worry is how to mitigate the affects of that divorce on the children. And, with that worry comes the worry of how to make two homes feel like the Carlsbad, California, family home.

The family home

Especially for families that have lived in a family home for the better part of a decade or longer, your children likely have an emotional attachment to the family home, along with the family unit. However, what many parents do not realize is that psychologically, children believe that what is will always be. And, that is a core belief. This means that divorce can destroy a core belief, causing them to question everything and even making some question whether their parents will eventually divorce them.

Try to mitigate the harm of the move

The parents should try to mitigate the harm of the move. If possible, one of the parents should try to stay in the Carlsbad, California, neighborhood or the school district to help their kids keep their friends and school district. However, this may not always be possible.

Honest and open

Talk with your kids about the move and about the Carlsbad, California, divorce. If they have questions, answer them as honestly as is practical and appropriate. And, remember that this may be a good time to either enter family therapy or put your children in individual therapy. Divorce can cause a lot of emotional turmoil in children, but much of that can be mitigated by honest and open discussions with parents, along with family and individual therapy. Often, divorcing parents find that their children are resilient in the process.

Getting buy-in

Finally, get buy-in from the children for both new Carlsbad, California, homes. Let the children help pick out both places to live and let them help decorate it. Then, give them their own space, which should be their own room. It does not need to be, but there should be at least one space that is their own, which includes at least one item from their old home that bridges their old and their new life.