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How is child support impacted by an unexpected job loss?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2023 | Child Support

There are many worrisome implications if a California resident loses their job. In addition to wondering how they will make ends meet, pay for necessities and find other employment, those paying child support will wonder how this impacts their obligations.

Employed or not, child support must be paid

Unemployment benefits and health care coverage are relevant with job loss and child support. Those eligible for unemployment benefits should file as soon as possible. The unemployment office should be informed of the child support payments so they can be deducted and sent to the custodial parent. Those who are not getting unemployment benefits because they have chosen not to work or have a job in which they earn less than they might if they sought jobs based on their skills, education and experience would still be obligated to make their child support payments in full.

Many people rely on their job for health care coverage for themselves and their dependents. Job loss will likely terminate that benefit. In some cases, the former employee can buy health insurance through COBRA. Depending on their financial situation, they might need to seek federal or state assistance until they find other work.

The child support order can be modified due to the unforeseen circumstances. This hinges on the custodial parent’s finances, the child’s best interests and the supporting parent’s sincere attempts to find work.

Know how to address child support concerns after job loss

In some instances, the parents could negotiate their own agreement until the supporting parent finds a new job. Job loss can be problematic not just for the person who is unemployed, but for the other parent and the child. There are options available and exploring them is key to reaching an acceptable solution.