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Divorce and the empty nest syndrome

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2023 | Divorce, Family Law

A marriage can suffer from strain for many reasons. Sometimes, the issues could develop far later in the marriage than many presumed. A California couple could file for divorce even after decades of marriage. The reasons may connect to problems developing after the children leave the household, creating previously nonexistent troubles.

The troubles of an empty nest

When children grow up and move on with their lives, they leave home, which may give rise to empty nest syndrome. Essentially, the two spouses might need to adjust to living solely together and without the children. For some, the transition comes without issues. For others, the dramatic change can significantly harm their marriage bonds.

That does not necessarily mean no friction existed between the spouses previously. The marriage could have had many issues put aside because the children were in the home or the children’s needs took priority. Once the children leave home, married couples may experience conflicts due to their differences.

Financial concerns and attitudes towards money might cause disagreements. Everything from tuition debt to financial planning for retirement might present responsibilities that require attention. If only one side takes the matter seriously or both sides have a different approach to addressing things, the couples could find themselves in relationship-harming contentious arguments.

Divorce and empty nests

While some marriages may resolve their differences, others could find emptiness syndrome drives unavoidable divorce. The couples might no longer feel a purpose for their marriage since they are no longer caring for their children. The two spouses could discover they’ve grown too far apart to keep the marriage together.

An amicable divorce may still be possible. Agreeable negotiations might lead to a fair settlement for all parties. If stumbling blocks arise, mediation might resolve differences.