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Overcoming your fear of prenups

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2023 | Divorce

The number of couples that are signing prenups is growing. However, many people are still afraid of what they could mean. There are misconceptions that couples who sign prenuptial agreements will eventually head for divorce, or that only rich and famous people need one. The reality is that prenups can help couples in California throughout their marriages while simplifying some divorce issues if the marriage does end.

The impact of honest communication

Prenuptial agreements must be fair and balanced. They also need to be entered into voluntarily. To achieve this, couples need to have open conversations about finances. Through the necessary discussions before a prenup can be negotiated, couples can learn about each other’s beliefs, values and expectations regarding finances. During this time, even as they discuss the potential property division that a divorce would entail, they can also discuss financial responsibilities. This can help couples enter marriage knowing how to communicate positively about finances, which is often a delicate topic.

Prenups can help strengthen your relationship

While they are often thought of as a tool that will be useful during divorce, prenups can also strengthen your marriage. They can help couples establish individual and marital property, which might be especially important when one of the spouses has accrued significant wealth before the marriage or when the spouses have children from previous marriages and assets that they want to protect for those children. Additional ways they can help your marriage include:

  • Helping you build trust with one another
  • Allowing each of you to retain your sense of individuality
  • Teaching you to collaborate and plan jointly for important financial decisions during marriage

Understanding the benefits of prenups and how they can help your marriage might help you overcome your fear of them. They might help you start your marriage by trusting each other about finances and beliefs.