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Are you considering divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2024 | Divorce

Thousands of couples in California make the difficult decision to file for divorce each year. And in many of these cases, those couples are making the right decision, as certain marriages simply aren’t functional anymore.

However, divorce is a weighty decision with massive ramifications, especially divorce involving high asset levels. Severing your union will be complex, time-consuming, and will likely have serious consequences for your family, finances and personal life. This means it’s a decision you ought to consider extremely carefully.

Deciding whether a marriage can be saved

The fundamental question you should ask yourself is whether your marriage is worthwhile despite going through a rough patch, or if there are issues that can’t be reconciled. Answering that question isn’t always easy.

Several factors will nearly always point toward divorce, such as infidelity, serious addiction issues or abuse, whether mental or physical. In those situations, a partnership is quite possibly fractured beyond the hope of redemption.

Absent those problems, you may still feel like divorce is the right choice. Issues like diverging life goals, a lack of emotional connection, sexual dissatisfaction and many others can be fatal to a marriage. But in those situations, it’s wise to take extra time to evaluate whether that marriage can be rescued.

Options for salvaging a marriage

One of the most common possible solutions to a struggling marriage is marriage counseling. Licensed marriage counselors offer a range of services that can aid in attempting to get a marriage back on track. A marriage counselor can work both solo with just yourself or as a couple.

But you may not need to resort to a marriage counselor. Sometimes, effective communication with your partner can turn the tide. By making your spouse aware of some of your issues in a non-judgmental way, you may be able to find common ground and rekindle your marriage.

Sometimes, though, a marriage may not work for one or both parties in a way that isn’t fixable. Before coming to that conclusion, you’re better off taking plenty of time to weigh all the pros and cons and make an informed decision.